Our software development services are designed to cater to the unique requirements of businesses and organizations aiming to build or improve their software applications. Our team of skilled developers and engineers specializes in creating tailored software solutions across different platforms.

Through a collaborative and iterative approach based on agile methodology, we guarantee a smooth and efficient development process. You can rely on us to provide scalable, dependable, and creative software solutions that propel your business in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment.

Reliable Tech & Tools We Use

Our software engineers employ the proven combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies, which enables us to create robust, scalable and future-proof software solutions.

Front-end Programming Languages & Frameworks

  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • .Net

Back-end Programming Languages & Framework

  • .NET
  • Phyton
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Go

Desktop Development Tools & Frameworks

  • .NET Windows Forms
  • .NET WPF

Cloud Databases, Warehouses & Storage

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Virtual Machine

Databases Design

  • SQL Server
  • mySQL
  • MariaDB

Mobile Development

  • Android Studio


  • Azure DevOps

Methodology We Follow

We embrace an Agile methodology that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility and continuous improvement. By working in iterative cycles and engaging clients throughout the development process, we ensure transparency, adaptability and customer satisfaction.

Our Featured Projects

Smart Sourcing

The Challenge

Our client’s Materials Engineering department faced the challenge of spending significant time sourcing parts. They needed a solution to streamline their sourcing process and reduce the time spent searching for parts.

The Solution

An application that leverages web content analysis to search for parts, and automatically generate and send RFQ queries to suppliers.

The Smart Sourcing Assistant application revolutionized their sourcing workflow, providing an efficient and automated solution for their materials engineering team.  

The Result

Since its implementation, the Smart Sourcing Assistant application has made a significant impact on our client’s operations. It has greatly reduced sourcing time, increased efficiency and enabled the Materials Engineering department to focus on their core function. It is now currently being used by our client’s offices worldwide. 

Smart Workflow

The Challenge

Our client aimed to automate a critical aspect of their product testing and quality assurance platform, which traditionally relied heavily on human operators for manual verification and data entry. This manual process was prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies in their manufacturing process.

The Solution

We introduced the Smart Workflow System, integrating the power of machine learning and vision tools seamlessly into their product testing and quality assurance platform. This innovative solution interfaces with key components such as cameras, sensors, measurement instruments and robotic arms. It also connects with databases for data retrieval and capturing of results for further analysis.

The Result

By automating this critical aspect of our client’s product testing and quality assurance platform, the need for human intervention, particularly in final visual inspection, becomes obsolete. As a result, the overall process quality and efficiency experiences significant improvements. The Smart Workflow System not only streamlines operations but also enhances the precision and effectiveness of the entire manufacturing workflow, paving the way for a more efficient order fulfilment process.

Android Compatibility
Test Dashboard

The Challenge

Our client’s Bluetooth devices encountered compatibility issues due to the extensive variety of Android devices and OS versions used by their customers. Ensuring seamless compatibility across such a vast range of devices and OS versions became a critical concern for our client.

The Solution

A hardware-in-the-loop Android Compatibility Test Dashboard to enable our client test their device compatibility with numerous smartphone models and Android OS versions. By simulating real-world scenarios and interactions, the dashboard facilitated thorough testing and analysis of compatibility issues.

The Result

The integration of our Android Compatibility Test Dashboard into the client’s DevOps pipeline brought remarkable results. Our client’s software development team gained the ability to swiftly detect and resolve Android compatibility issues using our solution in

This enhanced efficiency and productivity, ensuring a seamless user experience for their customers while minimizing post-release issues related to compatibility

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