We specialize in providing product design & development services, with our expertise in electronics hardware design, mechanical design and design validation. With our comprehensive and seamless approach, we transform your product ideas into reality, delivering exceptional quality and outstanding outcome.

Our Capabilities

Electronics Hardware Design

  • Analog, digital, measurement signal generation & analysis, networking and high-speed digital communications
  • Schematics capture
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) layout
  • Components selection and qualification
  • Design prototype fabrication
  • Design verification

Mechanical Design

  • Metal and plastic casing and structure design
  • 3D drawing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Tooling
  • First article build

Design Validation

  • Validate design against customer requirements based on functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability.
  • Hardware qualification – ensures product features, functionality and performance complies with customer requirements.
  • Software qualification – ensures software design and performance complies with customer requirements.

Process We Follow


  • Requirement Review
  • Concept Validation
  • Tool Procurement
  • Quality Check -1


  • Prototype Build
  • Design Test,
Verification & Refinement
  • Quality Check – 2


  • Sample Build
  • Design Validation
  • MP Flow & Control Plan
  • Quality Check – 3


  • Production Line
  • Setup
  • Pilot Run
  • Process Study
  • Quality Check – 4

Product Launch

Our Featured Projects

Advanced Conveyor

The Challenge

Facing a critical shortage of factory storage space, our client sought automation as a strategic solution to optimize their floor space while concurrently enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Equally important is the scalability of the solution to adapt to evolving market demands.

The Solution

A versatile automated conveyor system with modular design that offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing production needs. It incorporates PLCs, motion sensors, servos, HMI and drivers for smart functionality and integrates seamlessly with cobots, AMR and AGV for a complete automated workflow. It is suitable for diverse applications and industries.

The Result

Our advanced conveyor system has brought forth a comprehensive transformation. By optimizing material handling and streamlining production processes, they have achieved enhanced efficiency and productivity. The system’s seamless integration with various components has contributed to overall performance improvement, creating a safer working environment while maximizing their available space.

Multifunction Test

The Challenge

Test system integrators urgently sought for a compact and user-friendly instrument to seamlessly integrate into their automated functional test systems, aiming to enhance their capabilities.

The Solution

A multifunction test instrument designed to encompass a range of features critical to modern testing environments:

  • Built-in DMM with multiplexers, facilitating diverse measurement needs.
  • General-purpose switches, digital I/O and analog outputs for versatile testing scenarios.
  • Built-in test sequencer for PC-less operations
  • Configuration made convenient through a user-friendly web interface, streamlining setup and adjustments.

The Result

The multifunction test instrument is a resounding success – the compact half-rack width instrument is ideal for board-level parametric measurement and process monitoring applications. Our solution provides the necessary functionality, user-friendliness and convenience requirements for test system integrators, enabling smooth integration into their automated test systems.

Heat Run Timer

The Challenge

Our customer needed a solution to maintain stable and consistent operating temperatures during the warm-up phase of their precision electronic instruments. This phase is crucial, for accurate measurements and performance verification.

The Solution

The Heat Run Timer Instrument brings about a transformative change by monitoring the interface status of the precision electronic instruments. Upon detecting that the instrument is powered up, the Heat Run Timer Instrument initiates a precisely calibrated warm-up timer. Once the warm-up period is successfully completed, an integrated UPS battery backup system ensures uninterrupted power supply when the instrument is moved to the performance verification station. The performance verification process will start once the instrument achieves the pre-requisite warm-up time.

The Result

The Heat Run Timer Instrument eradicates human-recorded errors in warm-up times, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the performance verification process. Its automated monitoring ensures precise warm-up times, ultimately improving the reliability and functionality of our customers’ precision electronic instruments.

Audio Analyzer

The Challenge

Our client aimed to replace their legacy analog audio analyzer module with enhanced performance and updated features such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and digital audio analysis capabilities.

The Solution

An audio analyzer module with architecture powered by advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology. This innovative design integrated software-defined digital filters and frequency domain analysis algorithms, enabling precise and comprehensive audio measurements.

The Result

The audio analyzer module was successfully launched. It has continued to be shipped to customers worldwide for over a decade. Its ongoing popularity is a testament of its functionality and customer satisfaction.

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