The Challenge

Customer is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and assessing the performance of remote antennas. They faced a significant challenge due to the logistical complexities of accessing elevated altitudes. The elevation factor restricted their ability to fully optimize RF signal detection and measurement, hampering their overall monitoring efficiency. As a result, the accuracy of measurement in high-altitude setting are compromised, impacting data quality and analysis. To overcome these hurdles and ensure precise measurement is not a luxury but necessity.

The Solution

Our signal monitoring solution with exceptional capabilities for Los (Line of Sight) RF signal detection and measurement at elevated heights overcomes the limitation imposed by obstacles and terrain features that obstruct signals at near ground level.

Key Features

Elevated Height Signal Detection 
Ensure comprehensive signal coverage and improved network performance.

Line of Sight (LoS) Optimization 
Achieve precise alignment of sectorized and multibeam antennas, optimizing LoS for better signal strength and quality. This results in enhanced network coverage and improved user experience.  (precise LoS alignment)/ aligns sectorized and multibeam antennas

Microwave Link Alignment 
Streamline alignment process for cellular RAN backhaul and private network microwave links to ensure optimal and seamless connectivity.

Signal Quality Verification
Verify RF signal quality at transmitter towers with real-time measurement and analysis, allowing you to identify and resolve any issues affecting signal quality promptly.

Fresnel Zone 
Ability to capture signal within Fresnel zone for accurate signal measurement in radio communication.

Illegal Transmitter Geolocation
Ability to detect and locate illegal transmitters to ensure the integrity of the network.

System Features

Wide Frequency Coverage: 
Frequency ranges from 9kHz – 54 GHz, with up to 120MHz RTSA.

Precise Analysis Capabilities
Equipped with an interference analyzer, spectrogram, channel scanner, real-time spectrum analyzer and I/Q analyzer.

Seamless connected through LAN and 4G networks to ensure constant access and control.

Remote Control Capabilities 
Built with remote control capabilities via Fieldfox Spectrum Analyzer, utilizing laptop Windows or iOS (iPad or iPhone).

Record, Recall, Replay
Spectrum and channel scanners allow you to record, recall and replay signals, enabling in-depth post-analysis.

Unlimited Recording Length 
Provide unlimited recording length for in-depth post-analysis.

Ideal Aviation Performance
Link to a drone with payload of 5kg, flight range of 2-10km and flight time of 30mins.

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