Is your operation in need of an automated and adaptable palletizing solution customized precisely to your requirements? Introducing Tekmark Smart PalletTZ, an innovative solution to revolutionize your palletizing operations, driven by advanced AI Algorithm and powered by Omron cobot for mixed box palletizing. Unlike conventional palletizing solution – it doesn’t just automate, it maximizes space utilization, minimizes handling time and reduces operational costs.

Experience the future of automation where Tekmark Smart PalletTZ stands as a testament of innovation, enhancing productivity and profitability in ways unimaginable with conventional palletizing solutions.

Key Benefits

Improved Productivity & Efficiency

Streamline and automate your palletizing workflow with complete integration of advanced conveyor system and Smart AI software algorithm for mixed box palletizing.

Flexible &

Handles a wide range of product sizes and shapes which can help you effectively optimize palletizing a variety of different products onto same pallet.


Reduce the risk of workplace injuries by automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks.

Inventory Control & Consistent Quality

Asset tracking and minimal human touchpoint.

Key Components


  • Enhance Safety
  • Small footprint
  • Optimize workflow


  • Advanced vision
  • Lightning speed
  • Precision

Advanced Conveyor

  • I.4 enabled
  • Advanced HMI
  • Scalability

AI Software

  • Mixed box
  • Scalability
  • Real-time

Advanced AI algorithm for
Mixed Box Palletizing

PalletTZ AI software utilizes advanced algorithm with the ability to learn and adapt to new products and packaging types to optimize space and speed for real time mixed box palletizing. The AI engine calculates coordinates on pallet in real time with incoming box dimensions and weight information throughout the palletizing process to optimize space and stability.

Our Complete Portfolio

PalletTZ Standard

  • Standard Box size
  • Load capacity up to 25Kg

PalletTZ Mixed

  • Standard/Mixed Box size (up to 2)
  • Load capacity up to 25Kg
  • Smart AI algorithm for mixed box palletizing

PalletTZ Custom

  • Standard/Mixed Box size > 2
  • Load up to 25Kg
  • Smart AI algorithm for mixed box palletizing
  • Options of integrating with customized material transport solutions

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