The Challenge

Our customer is seeking a cost-effective solution to test and evaluate the performance and functionality of their integrated circuits (ICs). They require a solution that can meet their high throughput demands without compromising accuracy and reliability.

The Solution

An advanced wafer prober integrated into their existing manufacturing process with the capability to handle large volumes of wafers with exceptional efficiency and speed. Our solution is connected to SQL database for data storage, used for further analysis and reporting to enhance the IC evaluation process.

Key Features

Scalable Test Architecture 
Our solution is designed to scale seamlessly to ensure the testing process remains efficient and effective as production volumes increase.

Quad-site Testing
This capability allows simultaneous testing of four ICs on a wafer significantly reduces test time and optimizes resource utilization.

Lightning-fast Test Time
With an impressive test time of just 50ms, our solution guarantees rapid evaluation of each IC without compromising accuracy.

High Throughput 
The prober’s ability to test wafers with 55,000 dies in less than 2 hours enables customer to meet the aggressive manufacturing schedules.

Built-in SECS/ GEM Protocol 
A standardized communication between the wafer prober and the host computer system is established, enabling seamless data exchange that enhances process control and equipment coordination.

Data Analysis & Reporting 
Integration with SQL database enables user to gain valuable insights for process optimization and yield enhancement.

Compliance with Industry Standards
Adhere to the highest industry standards ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations and best practices to guarantee the quality and reliability of the ICs being produced.

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