The Challenge

Our customer’s EV performance evaluation poses two key challenges – the demand for precise measurements of vehicle performance that meets regulatory standards across diverse vehicle types as well as the ability to recreate an array of driving scenarios, each mirroring the complexity of actual road conditions.

The Solution

An automotive chassis dynamometer and data acquisition system tailored specifically for Electric Vehicle (EV) performance measurement, tuning and diagnostics. Designed to meet the unique demands of EV testing, our system comes equipped with a range of features to streamline the process and enhance the overall experience.

Key Features

Intuitive User Interface
Users can navigate and control the testing process efficiently through an easy-to-use user interface.

Seamless Data Acquisition Hardware Control
The system allows for complete control of the data acquisition hardware units, providing real-time and accurate measurements during EV testing.

Flexible Channel Configuration
Users can easily configure and control measurement channels, customize the testing parameters to suit their specific needs and requirements.

Graphical Dashboard Visualization
The system offers a graphical dashboard that visually presents data from different channels in real-time, enabling instant monitoring and analysis of EV performance.

Data Logging for Analysis
All measured data is securely logged, facilitating post-analysis for in-depth assessment and evaluation of EV performance.

Automated Report Generation
After each test cycle, the system offers the convenience of generating detailed and comprehensive reports.

Our customer can optimize EV performance, fine-tune vehicle parameters and diagnose potential issues accurately. Whether it’s for research and development, performance enhancement or diagnostics, our solution empowers users to unlock the full potential of their electric vehicles. 

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