The Challenge

Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) sought to upgrade RTM SOC KOMSAR’s satellite network headend, ensuring compliance with MPEG-4/H.264 standards across all major satellite earth stations (RTM Angkasapuri, RTM Kota Kinabalu, and RTM Kuching). This upgrade is required to meet several critical components:

Satellite Network Upgrade
To upgrade baseband broadcast audio/video routing system and satellite uplink systems which included SDI routers, Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA), upconverters and satellite L-Band switching systems at all three satellite earth stations.

Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring
To enhance satellite carrier and spectrum monitoring system.

Network Management
To supply new Network Management System at all three satellite earth stations and centralized monitoring at RTM SOC located at IBC, RTM Angkasapuri.

The Solution

To meet these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution across all three earth stations:

MPEG-4/H.264 Encoding and MUX:
All three earth stations were equipped with the latest MediaKind MPEG 4/H.264 encoding and multiplexing technology, ensuring high-quality transmission.

RF Signal Stability:
To maintain stable RF signal quality for daily operations, we deployed highly reliable Paradise Datacom SSPAs, MiteQ upconverters and waveguides.

Satellite Carrier Management
Kratos SAT carrier management systems were integrated to ensure stable satellite link budgets, carrier power, and frequency management.

Network Management
The well-regarded Kratos Compass Network Management System (NMS) was implemented to facilitate emergency failover switching and proactive maintenance, minimizing potential downtime and signal outages.

Key Highlights

Our solution delivered several key advantages for RTM KOMSAR:

Picture Quality
The new MediaKind MPEG-4/H.264 headend provided the best possible picture quality performance, aligning with the specified link budget requirements.

Seamless Content Delivery
Video and radio content were seamlessly and securely delivered to all radio transmitter sites from the broadcast station. This was made possible by MediaKind’s industry leading IRD RX8200, known for its Director 5 encryption technology, which is widely trusted in major sports events

High Availability
Since its deployment in 2018, the system has maintained high availability, thanks to the robust Kratos Compass network management system.

This comprehensive solution not only met but exceeded the customer’s requirements, ensuring a reliable and high-quality satellite network infrastructure for RTM SOC KOMSAR.

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