The Challenge

Telekom Malaysia (TM) aimed to deliver highest picture quality live sports coverage with lowest latency during SEA GAMES 2017, all within a tight three-month deadline from project initiation. This involved creating a seamless media network connecting more than twenty live sports venues and SEA GAMES International Broadcast Centre (IBC).

The Solution

A turnkey solution using Net Insight Nimbra 100 and 600 series to connect all live sports venues to the IBC during SEAGAMES. Additionally, we supplied high quality Tektronix WFM2300 portable video test solution to certify and calibrate signal quality between these live sports venues and IBC in accordance with international broadcast standards (SMPTE/EBU/ITU) and OBS requirements to ensure optimal picture quality performance across the media transport network.

Key Highlights

2017 SEA GAMES was the first in SEA GAMES history to adopt the cutting edge JPEG2000 video compression technology that offered highest picture quality at lowest latency performance ideal for live sports coverage.

We completed the entire system installation, commissioning, testing and went live within 2 months to deliver flawless picture quality at zero packet loss with no equipment failures – verified by TM SEA GAMES task force during SEA GAMES 2017.

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