Unlocking Efficiency and Control with Tailored Management Systems – Media Asset Management (MAM), Content Management System (CMS), and Network Management System (NMS) solutions for Cloud & Hybrid Environments.

Our Solutions

Media Asset Management

Elevate media asset management with Mediaflex – Unified Media Services (UMS) from TMD, a versatile platform designed to control, track, and manage physical and digital media assets across their lifecycle.

Supporting Your Content, in whatever form it takes

Whether you have a stream of digital files arriving 24/7, or a precious archive of physical film, with Mediaflex – UMS you can implement management processes, workflows and cataloguing systems that keep precise track of the what  and where of your media assets.

Reliably ingest and store your master digitised versions in formats that will support flexible media processing and delivery. With a dependable and easily automated ingest system, Mediaflex-UMS is adaptable to the requirements of your source content, whether in physical or digital formats.

Easily manage and
process rich media content

At the core of the Mediaflex-UMS platform are task-oriented features that assist and enable your teams to better collaborate and more easily manage and process media content with tools that are intuitive to use and intelligent in their operation.

Tasks and services can be customised, automated, and even process your media intelligently by adapting and responding to the content itself. Saving cost and time for your organisation’s resources and affording new content supply chain opportunities.

Deliver Content and Metadata to Multiple Platforms

Mediaflex-UMS provides a powerful solution to enable media operations to deliver content and metadata to multiple platforms in a timely and efficient  manner. Integrating with many third-party technologies and business systems, content can reliably be delivered to both the traditional linear TV platforms as well as the plethora of on-demand, VOD, OTT and other digital platforms.

Transform your Media Asset Management Delivery

Our customizable cloud-native platform provides first-class features that enable teams to easily and effectively manage their media and digital assets, orchestrate workflows, enrich with metadata, provision complex processes, and integrate with a diverse range of distribution systems.

Mediaflex-UMS Workflow Designer has a simple to use, flexible interface, enabling you to design content processing workflows that include automated tasks, from acquisition to point of delivery.

Content Management System

Enhance content management with Telestream’s Kumulate, a dynamic system that simplifies media storage, transformation, and workflow orchestration. Adapt to changing demands with flexible configurations.

Optimize your video storage

Store your video assets in the most cost-efficient location, across public and private clouds and hybrid on-premises solutions.

Streamline your process

Dynamic video asset management lets you store, retrieve, transform and share your content, wherever you are in the world.

Automate your workflows

Free up valuable time and resource by using orchestrated workflows to simplify the way you process, store and distribute content.

Benefits of Kumulate Software

Any Cloud or Object Storage

We work with all major providers of cloud storage, services & compute so you have access to to the very best storage solutions: AWS, Azure, Wasabi, Google Cloud, IBM and all S3-based providers.

High Availability for MAMs and PAMs

Komulate provides back-end storage and lifecycle management for MAMs/PAMs or other control applications. We present all storage tiers – cloud or on premise – as a single name space so your assets are always at your fingertips.

AI-generated Rich Metadata

Integrate AI, machine learning or cognitive services into any workflow. Facial, voice, object and location recognition automatically tag your video files to power up search and distribution.

Migrate & Modernize

Take advantage of pain-free migrations between storage tiers (e.g. on-prem to cloud) or away from outdated, legacy systems with automated, accelerated processes that won’t disrupt your day to day operations.

Solutions for all Environments

Seamless integration of storage management and file processing into all major editing systems and tools. Access your video assets and projects without leaving the environment you already love.

Prevent Expensive Outages

Cost-effective peace of mind – Kumulate provides automated content, processes and systems replication in your choice of storage tiers for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Network Management System

Achieve excellence in network management with Kratos Defense Compass. Monitor, control, and optimize satellite and terrestrial network operations for unparalleled reliability and performance.

Complete monitoring and control of devices for hybrid networks

  • Enable rapid failure recovery and diversity switching
  • Centralize, track and visualize the signal flow
  • Automate common time consuming and manual tasks
  • Connect to any equipment, regardless of type, vendor or age
  • Reduce costly site visits with remote site management
  • Assure performance of facility support systems
(power, cooling, etc)

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