The Challenge

Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) aimed to equip a new auditorium capable of accommodating up to 1000 audience and three large production studios with the most reliable and highest quality lighting & rigging systems. These systems are essential for producing content at both national and international levels and for live event broadcasting.

Additionally, RTM aimed to establish the most advanced and complex music recording and practice studio within 5 months, from ground-up to meet its transformation objectives under the Media City (Kota Media) initiative, specifically for the creation of Rentak 60 Music recording studios.

The Solution

Our solution comprised of the following components:

For Lighting & Rigging:
A system that integrated De Sisti and Robe’s cutting-edge lighting solutions. This system is controlled and managed by state-of-the-art ETC Element 2 lighting Console and Avolites Arena lighting Control System for best lighting effects.

For Audio Production:
A system with state-of-the-art Solid State Logic (SSL) audio console which is connected to the Pro-Tools systems, StageTec Nexus and Genelec speakers systems. This system guaranteed the production of the highest quality audio recordings for musicians and artists. It is worth nothing that similar systems have been successfully used in some of the most advanced music and sound recording studios across Europe, US and Asia regions.

Key Highlights

Desisti is the ONLY broadcast lighting manufacturer worldwide that designs and builds both lighting fixtures and rigging solutions fully TÜV Certified, meeting the highest standards of SAFETY, RELIABILITY and QUALITY. Desisti’s solution is further enhanced by Robe, globally renowned for its special lighting effects, to produce the best lighting quality for broadcast content producers.

In a remarkable achievement, we completed one of Southeast Asia’s most advanced and largest music recording studios ahead of schedule, despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. This accomplishment is a crucial milestone within RTM’s broader Media City transformation project, aimed at fostering local music talents and producing top-tier audio content for our nation’s enrichment.

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