Our Quality Control (QC) solutions provide tools needed for modern media production and broadcasting. From video and audio analysis to OTT streaming quality and broadcast signal integrity, we offer tailored solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.

Our Solutions

QC for OTT Video Quality Monitoring & Analytics

We offer broadcasters comprehensive control over streaming quality. From real-time analysis of live streams with Inspector to robust video quality assurance through Surveyor, these tools ensure an optimal viewer experience across various platforms. Leverage the power of intelligent analytics and enhance your OTT streaming capabilities with our integrated solutions.

Telestream’s Video Quality
Monitoring & Analytics

  • Automation
    Automated surveillance of each transition in the video delivery chain with summarized end-to-end view.
  • Analysis
    Deep dive analytics data to identify video quality issues and their root causes.
  • Probes
    The largest and most complete portfolio of video analysis probes that cover SMPTE 2110, Linear TV (TS), and ABR distribution.

Telestream’s Surveyor ™

The Surveyor family offers solutions that will meet your QoS monitoring needs, whether you are dealing with Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming or traditional linear broadcast video delivery, or both at the same time. Surveyor solutions can be targeted at the core, edge, or access region of both managed and unmanaged networks. In ABR streaming networks, they are well-suited for helping to establish and track Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Telestream’s Inspector ®

The Inspector family is designed to inspect and report on your content both before and after the encoding and transcoding process to assure the video is at its highest quality and ready for prime time. Along with an extensive list of standard features, our proprietary iQ MOS technology provides a simple score for your content’s perceptual quality level while other metrics allow you to align your delivery costs with the desired Quality of Experience (QoE). In addition, the Inspector products check that your content preparation process provides a smooth, Quality of Service (QoS)-friendly output. When a deeper inspection is necessary, stored metrics and data with thumbnail aligned visualizations and video stream captures are available for greater analysis.

QC for Baseband - Video and Audio Test Solutions

Prism – Media Monitoring & Analysis

Prism offers in-depth media monitoring and analysis across various formats. It ensures the highest quality standards for both live and post-production, adapting to ever-changing industry requirements

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SPG9000 – Sync Pulse Generators

The SPG9000 offers robust sync pulse generation, an integral part of maintaining synchronized media workflows. Its flexible and reliable design ensures consistent performance across various platforms.

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Inspect 2110-IP Video Monitoring

Inspect 2110 allows for thorough IP video monitoring, ensuring compliance with modern broadcasting standards. It’s essential for the seamless transition from traditional to IP-based workflows.

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WFM2000 Waveform Monitors

The WFM2000 Waveform Monitors provide precise monitoring for diverse video formats, ensuring comprehensive analysis and quality control from HD to 8K.

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QC Tool for Broadcast RF

Ranger Neo 4

The Ranger Neo 4 ensures quality control of RF signals in the broadcasting environment, providing real-time insights and adjustments to optimize signal integrity. Its versatile functionality and robust design make it a reliable solution for today’s dynamic broadcast needs.

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