Time synchronization in future IP and mobile networks needs to be GNSS/GPS independent, disaggregated and open. This enables full network scalability and ensures a future proof position for operators and service providers when adopting to new critical services and cloud-based applications.

Our Solutions

Net Insight’s Precision Time Synchronization Solution

Precision TimeNet synchronization is a solution designed to assure security, reliability and service availability and the innovative approach fundamentally changes how synchronization is performed in existing networks. The synchronization solution is open and completely disaggregated from the physical transport network, designed to be scalable and flexible to support cost-efficient rollouts and heterogeneous environments.

Key Benefits

GNSS/GPS Independent

Solves the stronger phase synchronization requirements that TDD introduces in the 5G networks independently of GNSS/GPS. This increases security and reliability

Network agnostic

Handles any underlying network architecture including leased line, microwave links and DWDM networks.

Future proof

An open disaggregated synchronization architecture allows for easy virtualization and cloud implementation accelerating innovation and new services.

Extremely scalable

Precision TimeNet is based on guiding principles for the Internet and developed with an end-to-end approach, assuring seamless scalability and future innovation.

Meeting 5G TDD requirements over existing IP networks

Handles network asymmetries

Embedded asymmetry detection and auto-calibration


Distributes absolute time from anywhere to everywhere in the network over existing IP/MPLS infrastructure independent of network capacity and layers. Disaggregating synchronization from the physical transport and from requiring hardware support in every network line card transforms and significantly simplifies synchronization in IP networks. By moving synchronization to a L2/L3 network function, it opens up for centralized intelligence allows for network and services to grow and develop independently of the synchronization architecture.

Improves sync link accuracy

100x more sync packets to increase resiliency to network congestion.

Dynamic packet filtering
Weighted multi-link collaborative clocks based on intelligent sync routing.

Advanced algorithms that can support network planning to cope with diurnal changes.

Enhanced resiliency using improved sync routing.

Intelligent sync routing including multi-link capabilities

Open solution

Open networking and open APIs prevents vendor lock-in and enables innovation. Lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) enables automation and orchestration of timing.

Case Studies & Whitepaper

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Case Study

Three Sweden selects Net Insight’s time synchronization for 5G rollout

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White Paper

GNSS/GPS Independent 5G Synchronization reducing cost and complexity for 5G mobile network rollouts

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