Zero Trust Secure Virtual Networking

SElink is a Zero Trust Secure Virtual Networking solution that supports dynamic hybrid networking requirements and optimisation for a more secure, manageable and cost-effective network infrastructure. Organisations can abstract the physical layer of the IT infrastructure to the advantage of reduced hardware needs, faster delivery of services and increased agility.

With SElink, organisations can say goodbye to pricy dedicated lines and private network topologies, and migrate to public IP networks and the Cloud to reduce total cost of ownership as well as operational and management costs. The residual security challenges of this migration are addressed by SElink intrinsic security features.

Improved Connectivity

improved connectivity

Risk Reduction


Cost Savings

cost saving



  • SElink applies ZTNA to any connections
    Support of any topology in pure ZTNA fashion: Client2Server, Server2Client, Client2Client, Server2Server. Secure access to applications residing on another endpoint do not require any public or reachable IP address or open ports
  • SElink provides application whitelisting on the Endpoint
    Only authorised client applications can use SElink micro-channels to reach the target services
  • SElink prevents Endpoint threats to propagate
    All packets coming from unauthorised applications, whether Ransomware, Malware or Microsoft Certified components, they are blocked and an alert is generated
  • SElink provides high performances
    Zero overhead in bandwidth -> less bandwidth, more speed
    Network Stabiliser -> Stable connection on poor networks
  • SElink provides Post Quantum Cryptography and Crypto Agility
    NIST selected Post Quantum algorithms are supported.

    Crypto Agility allows to centrally update new cryptographic schemes in real time



  • Clients and Servers are unified in the Endpoint Concept
    A client is an endpoint that needs to access a service.
    A server is an endpoint that exposes a service to authorised clients through a ZTNA approach
  • Servers can expose their services to clients without opening any inbound port
    ZERO ports open on the server side
  • Network segmentation is no longer required
    All ports are closed with SElink. Even physical direct access to a server does not allow access to the resources
  • Servers do not need public or reachable IP address

Who we serve


• Military IoT
• Nano SAT
• Video surveillance


• Water Plants
• ICS systems




•Medical Devices


•Point of Sale
•Chain Stores


•Military IoT
•Nano SAT
•Video surveillance

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