Enhance your Live OTT service with an audience in sync, enabling combined OTT streaming and social interaction for the first time and an intuitive user experience with the channel swipe that makes sense.

Live OTT is stand alone, purpose made solution for distributed streaming of live and linear content with frame sync at fundamentally lower delay without any client drift. The solution is a software suite for creating a non-caching CDN-bypass cluster dedicated for live and linear services. The software components are deployed on COTS based servers, bare metal or virtualized, in public or private cloud data centers and is provisioned using dedicated software containers. Mobile first client library for existing apps provides app developers with new opportunities to elevate the user experience to new levels.

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SCALING AND REDUNDANCY Controller cluster, n+5, and n+2 for all other functions.
Up to 80% of network I/O utilization depending on key factors.
STREAMING Ingest format: Unencrypted MPEG-2 transport streams over UDP,
unicast or multicast Video and Audio Formats: Apple recommendations
ABR Profiles: Apple recommendation.
SOFTWARE PACKAGE – Client SDK: Xcode and Android Studio projects, reference application and API documentation as a software package.
– Server cluster software suite: ISO base image for bare metal or VMWare vSphere 5.5 or later installations and application tarball.
DEVICE SUPPORT – Apple: IOS 8 or later
– Android: Select devices supporting Android 4.4 or later with hardware decoder support
APP FRAMEWORK – Pre-Integration: Accedo Broadband
– DRM Pre-Integration: Verimatrix

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