MediaKind Pictor | Delivery Network Solutions

MediaKind Pictor | Delivery Network Solutions

Pictor embodies creative thinking for today’s challenging world of media delivery. Video is no longer stagnant nor immobile and no longer comes in limited flavors. Today’s world of video requires bold solutions capable of ingesting any type of video feed and format, dynamically storing video when and where appropriate, doing so on a heterogeneous mix of physical storage hardware, and streaming live and stored video On Demand to a wide variety of device types, each with their own technical requirements.

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Key Values

Maximize Media ROI
Pictor is designed to maximize the return on every drop of CAPEX investment by the operator (i.e. compute power, storage, HVAC, networking) to reduce data center footprints for the largest storage and processing power possible.

Futureproof Customer Satisfaction
Pictor is designed with an adapting support infrastructure to seamlessly change any format of incoming content to any format of outgoing requested content.

Reduce Core Network TCO
Pictor enables operators to save network costs with geographically dispersed topologies by greatly reducing the video traffic over one of their most valuable assets – their core network.

Old and New Live in Harmony
In order to maximize the total number of addressable consumers, Pictor has been designed to simultaneously support the broadest range of legacy devices (e.g. cable, satellite and telco IPTV Set-tops) and newest Over-the-Top devices (e.g. Roku, Tablets, Smart Phones).


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