Keysight U3800 Series IoT Applied Courseware

Keysight U3800 Series

Keysight’s U3800 Series IoT Applied Courseware are ready-to-teach packages that are designed to help educators teach IoT from fundamentals, systems design to advance topics including wireless communications, sensors and power management.

The IoT Impacts Your Everyday Life

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next mega trend that will change the way we live and work, and it touches almost every consumer and industrial application. The core technologies that enable the IoT are wireless communication and sensor developments, and ongoing advances in these technologies result in unique challenges. These challenges include new communications standards, increased sensor integrations and power consumption management. This puts a heavy stress on an IoT device’s design and validation cycle, and designers must constantly innovate to quickly and successfully develop and deploy IoT devices in the market.

IoT Usage Forecasts

50B devices will be connected by 2020

– Cisco

>30B Connected devices by 2020

– ABI Research

95.5B connected devices by 2025

– HIS Technology


IoT Applied Courseware Videos

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Designed as a resource for lecturers, and consists of teaching slides and a training kit

The U3801A/02A IoT Fundamentals applied courseware introduces students to the IoT’s architecture, technologies and ecosystems. The U3803A/04A IoT Systems Design introduces IoT system design techniques, leveraging embedded systems focusing on specific IoT examples. Students will be able to design and develop an IoT system targeting IoT gateway and sensor network.

U3801A/02A IoT Fundamentals Applied Courseware U3803A/04A IoT Systems Design Applied Courseware
IoT essentials Essential elements of IoT systems
Hardware for IoT Enabling technologies for IoT Systems
Software for IoT Fundamentals of embedded Systems for IoT
IoT connectivity protocols Connectivity for IoT
IoT application design essentials Designing IoT applications using embedded systems
From IoT to data analytics Introduction to cloud computing
Case studies Case studies
Download Data Sheet Download Data Sheet

Each courseware is designed for a full semester of teaching, and comes with a training kit and teaching slides. The training kit consists of a development kit, IoT sensor device, XBee ZigBee® kit, lab sheets, and problem-based assignments. Students can also use this kit to develop their own projects once they have completed the course.

This hardware kit is a customizable embedded system development kit that can be configured as a gateway or a sensor device. It incorporates an Intel Edison compute module that is designed for expert makers, entrepreneurs, and industrial IoT applications. The system runs on Yocto Linux with open source software development compatible with Eclipse (C, C++, Python). Samples of start projects are also available to enhance the learning process and allow a wide range of potential applications.

  • Open source software development environment
  • High performance, dual-core CPU and single core micro-controller support complex data collection in a low power package
  • Integrated WLAN 802.11, Bluetooth LE and ZigBee wireless connectivity support
  • 1 GB DDR and 4 GB flash memory, simplifying configuration and increasing scalability
  • Arduino UNO and XBee form factor interfaces support
  • UARTs, II2C, SPI, 40 GPIO, SD card connector and LCD
  • Micro USB (UART), micro USB OTG
  • Flexible power supply options: AC power adapter or USB host
  • Various test points for verification
  • Sensor connectors for both analog and digital sensor signals

The TI SensorTag kit includes ten low-power sensors: ambient light, digital microphone, magnetic sensor, humidity, pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, object temperature, and ambient temperature.

The XBee ZigBee starter kit is a compact platform that provides UART serial communication to an XBee ZigBee module. 5 V TTL logic interface offers a straightforward interface to microcontroller for embedded wireless development.

Two (2) Micro USB cable, 1 m, one each: Mini USB cable, 1.2 m, TI SensorTag kit, XBee ZigBee kit, Analog temperature sensor, Digital temperature sensor, Relay actuator, Micro SD card.

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