Internet of Things (IoT)

What Is Internet Of Things?

IoT is simply the network of interconnected things/devices which are embedded with sensors, software, network connectivity and necessary electronics that enables them to collect and exchange data making them responsive.

How The IoT Makes A Difference

Businesses focus on getting products to the marketplace faster, adapting to regulatory requirements, increasing efficiency, and most importantly, persisting to innovate. With a highly mobile workforce, evolving customer, and changing supply chain demand, the IoT can move your enterprise forward, starting today.

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No single technology can effectively address the wide range of applications, environments, and requirements that will make up the IoT, which presents you, the leading edge IoT and 5G designers and developers, with new design and measurement challenges.

Keysight’s RF and high speed digital technology hardware and software test solutions covering cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth® low energy, ZigBee, Z-Wave, NFC, RFID, battery drain and more are available today to help you face those challenges and lead the way.

We provide industry-specific solutions that can improve productivity and operational efficiency today, while laying the foundations for tomorrow’s IoT opportunities.

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