Probe Technologies

Video monitoring probes for effective network and component quality

Effective monitoring helps our customers understand the quality and performance of the video network. Gaining this insight starts with robust and precise data capture along the video delivery chain. This data is essential to effectively respond to critical events and plan for network efficiency and enhancements. Cutting edge probe technologies and meaningful metrics are the base of an effective video quality and service assurance solution.

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The depth and thoroughness of our metrics are unmatched. IneoQuest’s proprietary monitoring technology captures real-time quality and performance data for 1000s of video streams simultaneously across the entire video network. We call that deep harvesting. But our probes don’t stop there. We have incorporated QoS and QoE technologies, which are designed specifically for video, into these probes, contextualizing this raw data as meaningful metrics optimized for the needs of video network operators.

We’ve applied this deep-metrics approach across all video technologies. IneoQuest’s array of monitoring and stimulus probes covers more video technologies than anyone else. This helps cast a wider net on the video network, no matter what kind of video service our customers offer, and enables the Video Network Intelligence needed for effective quality & service assurance.

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Video Quality Management Software

Video quality software for performance management and analysis of your video operations environment

A key component of Video Network Intelligence is being able to proactively address network issues before they arise and respond quickly to critical events immediately impacting customer experience. The meaningful metrics provided by our end-to-end probing technology is just the beginning. The comprehensive data harvested by hundreds of our video monitoring probes across enormous networks is aggregated and correlated by our video management solutions to build real-time awareness of providers’ video operations.

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