FTB-5800 – chromatic dispersion analyzer

FTB-5800 – chromatic dispersion analyzer

Combining CD and PMD for precise link characterization

Designed for ultra-longhaul and 40/100 Gbit/s applications, EXFO’s FTB-5500B PMD and FTB-5800 CD analyzer combo provides you with the speed, accuracy and high performance you need to ensure high-quality network services. Housed in the expert FTB-500 platform, the FTB-5500B and FTB-5800 test modules survive splashes, knocks and drops—ideal for CO and field conditions.

Key Features:

  • Complete CD characterization;
  • Highly accurate phase-shift method;
  • No communication between source and receiver;
  • Compliant with TIA-FOTP-169 standard;
  • Patented design: test through EDFAs;
  • 100 Gbit/s-ready;

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