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Flexible Finance Solutions to Help You Get What You Need At An Affordable Cost

In today’s climate, it’s essential for companies to continue acquiring the test equipment needed for growth, even with ever-tightening budgets. Our innovative range of Test Equipment Financial Solutions helps meet this challenge across a range of brands and products. Get the latest testing technologies with an affordable cost structure.


Tekmark supports customers with unique Financial Solutions to make acquiring test equipment cost effective

Affordable Way to Acquire Valuable Test Equipment

Spread Expenses Over Time

Own the Equipment upon Payment Completion

Additional Fee for Calibration and Maintenance


Rent to Own plan allows you to rent test equipment while also having the option to buy it outright

Available for New & Pre-Owned Equipment

Allows Flexibility if Circumstances Change

Spreads Payments Over Time

Comes with Fresh Calibration

Why Choose Flexible Finance Solutions

The Benefits

Improve Cashflow

Without the need for capital investment, your new equipment can be installed and operational. The money can then be put to the best possible use, such as investment, operating activities, or short-term funding needs.

Simplify Budgeting

Focus Leasing’s finance payments are fixed for the duration of the lease, minimising inflationary effects and simplifying cash flow forecasting and planning. Interest rates are often linked to bank facilities, which is excellent while rates are low but may wreak havoc on cash flow when rates rise.

Let the Equipment Pay For Itself

Allow the finance payments to correspond to the benefits of owning new equipment as they become available. After all, you wouldn’t pay for all of your employees’ salaries up front! The extra income generated by having the new equipment can be used to finance the finance payments when they come due. You can buy equipment today and pay for it with tomorrow’s earnings.

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