B2981A Femto/Picoammeter, 0.01fA

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Key Features & Specifications

Key measurement specifications

  • 0.01 fA minimum measurement resolution
  • 20,000 readings/s
  • < 20 μV burden voltage

Graphical capabilities

  • Time domain view to capture transients
  • Histogram view to perform quick data analysis

Other key functionalities and capabilities

  • Setup integrity checker software (Option)
  • Easy-to-use auto navigation
  • Furnished with high-performance Keysight triaxial cable (1.5 m)


The B2981A Femto/Picoammeter is the world’s only graphical picoammeter that allows you to confidently measures small currents with 0.01 fA (0.01 x 10-15 A) resolution. It possesses a 4.3” color LCD with a graphical user interface that provides trend chart and histogram data in addition to numeric information. These front-panel capabilities enable you to capture transient behavior and perform quick statistical analyses without a PC. The available Setup Integrity Checker software option allows you to compare the noise levels of different cabling and fixturing arrangements to help isolate external noise sources.

Sensitive Measurement Knowledge Portal
This portal page contains following technical information required for more confident sensitive measurements.

  1.     Sensitive measurement considerations
  2. Useful B2980A series system setting data files
  3. Sample programs for B2980A series
  4. Summary of available technical literature

  • Photodiode Test Using the Keysight B2980A Series - Technical Overview
  • This technical overview explains how easy and accurately it is to make a photodiode test using the B2980A Series

  • N1420A Setup Integrity Checker Function Maximizes Sensitive Measurement Confidence
  • This application brief introduces the features and benefit of the N1420A System Integrity checker function.

  • N1414A High Resistance Measurement Universal Adapter Simplifies High Resistance Measurement Cabling
  • This application brief introduces the benefit of the N1414A High resistance measurement universal adapter to be used with the B2985A/87A Electrometers/High resistance meters.

    ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
    Commercial Calibration Certificate with Test Data
    Resistivity Cell
    Low Noise Test Leads
    Low Noise Test Leads
    Component Test Fixture
    Rack mount kit
    Evaluation kit for B2981/83/85/87A
    Starter kit for B2985/B2987
    Interlock cable, 4 pin terminal plug to 6 pin circular plug, 1.5 m
    Interlock cable, 4 pin terminal plug to 6 pin circular plug, 3 m
    High Resistance Meter Fixture Adapter
    High Resistance Measurement Universal Adapter
    Triax to Alligator Cable, 200 V, 1.5 m
    Triax Bulkhead Connector, 200 V
    Open cap for triaxial connector
    Lithium-ion battery pack for B2983/B2987
    Benchtop Battery Charger for N1418A
    High value resistor box for N1299A-301 evaluation kit
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