Bit Error Ratio Test (BERT) Solutions

Make the next leap forward with Keysight BERTs!

Keysight offers the broadest choice of BERTs – covering affordable manufacturing test and high-performance characterization and compliance testing up to 32 Gb/s

Keysight’s Bit Error Ratio Test solutions allow the most accurate and efficient design verification, characterization, compliance and manufacturing test of high-speed communication ports for today’s ASICs, components, modules and line-cards in the semiconductor, computer, storage and communication industry.

Keysight offers the broadest portfolio with four BERT families that address a variety of speed classes, usability concepts, and flexibility as well as application specific stimulus and analysis tools. All BERTs provide cost-effective and efficient in-depth insight into critical measurement tasks for today’s and next generation devices with gigabit interfaces.

BERTs are used to test and characterize many high-speed digital interfaces:

QPI, FB-DIMM, PCI Express®, SATA,/SAS USB, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL, MIPI, UHS-II, Fibre Channel, XAUI/10Gb Ethernet, CAUI/100GbE, CEI and other backplanes, XFI/XFP/SFP+/CFP modules, OTN, and PON-OLTs, Serdes, DAC, ADC, etc.

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M8000 Series BER Test Solutions

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Serial BERTs

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BERTs and Pulse Pattern Generators

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