6000L Series Rack-Mountable Oscilloscopes

6000L Series Rack-Mountable Oscilloscopes

The most space efficient, and affordable LXI compliant oscilloscopes!

The 6000L Series oscilloscopes provide up to 1-GHz bandwidth in a space-saving 1U-high 19-inch wide package to saves your valuable rack space. Rack mount brackets and rack rails are standard with every unit.

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  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz to 1 GHz BW
  • Channels: 4 analog to 16 digital (with MSO option)
  • Sample rate: 4 GSa/s

Key features:

  • Built-in web browser control
  • Standard USB, LAN, GPIB interfaces and XGA out
  • Optimized for automated and manufacturing test
  • Standard 3 year warranty, like all Keysight instruments
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