What's the best bet to use in eSports

How to choose a reliable bookmaker?

Answering the question "How to choose a parimatch bookmaker?" we strongly recommend anyone with unfixed odds. Often they are not very famous bookmakers but they have loyal administration and low interest rates. They can usually accept any amount without limit, keep the option to cancel a bet and often have "normal" promotions. Disadvantages that you may encounter when working with little-known BK are limited withdrawal system (not all wallets can be withdrawn), delays in withdrawal (rare, but it happens), well, the odds themselves, which by the beginning of the game will change a hundred times. On the basis of this should decide "to be or not to be" 5-10 minutes before the match. Then the odds won't jump and let you follow the competition with calmness.

Is it worth believing the predictions?

If you want you can use forecasts of other players: paid or free. If everything is clear with free predictions, it is not so with paid ones. It is impossible to check the competence of the person who sells the forecasts, so the number of "pro-analysts" on the Net is greater than the number of atoms in a glass of water. And considering that modern tramp card cheaters earn more by taking people to a certain betting company and getting commissions, they won't always give correct forecasts because it's not profitable and requires knowledge of the subject, which these guys can't boast about. The best solution is to take responsibility for yourself and "make up your own mind" without giving your money to anyone you do not understand. Nobody forbids the use of sites with statistics and match history. With adequate analysis, the chances of a successful bet increases significantly, and with time comes an understanding of each athlete's game, his mood and abilities. The only condition for increasing the accuracy of the prediction is to live it. The player, at a minimum, should be interested in the sport. Just do not turn a way to spend time more interesting into a way to make money.

If a person is approached by someone with an offer to "spin the score," I can confidently say that this is either a gambler or a thief. The thief understands that "making" a bet is a matter of chance, for the most part, and it's much more productive to just take the money for yourself. A gambler, on the other hand, is convinced that there is a rule of thumb that will lead him to air locks. Anyone who sits idle and sees an opportunity to make money from betting will sooner or later become a gambler. But don't feel sorry for them or try to help them: it's up to the drowning men to save them. It is their choice. Therefore, such offers of "promotion" are not worth even the slightest attention.

Is it really possible to earn on bets?

To the question "Is it possible to make money on bets?" I answer briefly: "No". Although in fact it is not quite so: in the short term (go in and make a couple of bets for fun and guessing) - it is real. But there is one problem - greed. Someday it will take over, and the player will turn off his brain after, say, a dozen correct predictions. Believing in himself, bet a large sum and, by the law of meanness, lose. And then tries to repeat its success. Whether or not it will succeed makes no sense: he is hooked by his own greed. The solution will only be the realization of the situation and the acceptance of reality. Therefore, the "long-term perspective" is not about betting.

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