Progression of tennis betting

Tennis includes a large number of varieties. Anyone who understands the sport knows that there are women's and men's tennis, doubles, mix, singles. It is true that the types of bets on all these areas are the same, and therefore it will not be very difficult to understand this type of betting.

Basic types of tennis betting

After registration in a bookmaker's office, the player is offered to spend money in several ways:

  • Outcome. In this case, the user has only two options. This refers to victory or defeat. It is clear that a draw in a tennis match cannot be. The exception is the events interrupted for technical reasons. But usually, in such cases, the forecasts are cancelled, and the money is returned to the player's balance.
  • Total. This segment includes several interesting positions at once. The bettor can bet on games, sets or choose a total of an individual type. It is important that here the experience of the client of the bookmaker's office plays a big role. When there is complete information and statistics on the athlete, it is much easier to determine the most accurate result.
  • Handicap. In tennis, a handicap is practically the same as the total. The player needs to take into account the additional requirements. Such are put by each bookmaker and, as practice shows, the conditions vary quite seriously.

What is interesting about betting on the exact score?

One of the interesting options in the bookmaker is parimatch betting on the exact score. The task of the client of the office is to guess with what result the next meeting will end.

It is possible to bet on the score in different ways. The first and most expensive is to determine the result before the start of the match. It is clear that it is almost unrealistic to make an accurate prediction, which means that if a player is lucky, his bets will increase tenfold.

The second option is in-play betting. The odds are much lower, but it is possible to minimize the risks. Bettor can react in time and thus not win a lot, but also not to lose the whole deposit, which becomes a priority.

Betting at random in tennis is not such a priority. The fact is that most of the results can be predicted through the analysis of statistics. Therefore, if you have time, it is better to prepare and not to waste money.

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