Buying out a bet: yes or no?

In most parimatch official site bookmaker's offices recently appeared such an option as a buyout (of course, before it played or not played). Basically, it is the bookmaker's giving the player the opportunity to collect a certain amount of money before the end of the event. The redemption can be made both before and during the event, but the amount will vary depending on its course, and will never exceed the amount of the possible final winnings, taking into account the odds of the bet.

Professional players rarely use this function, while among amateurs it is quite popular because the bettor can make a profit even without waiting for the end of the event. But is betting buyout a reasonable course of action for players?


By redeeming a bet, the player thus actually allows the bookmaker to profit from it twice, getting a margin on both the odds and the redemption amount. That's why such constant action will turn out to be a loss for the bettor. Consequently, it is better to find an alternative to redeeming the bet.

Hedging is one of the alternatives. If after the Italian team match after the break you stake on Belgium not losing then by calculating the odds offered on this outcome and placing a bet of the necessary sum, we shall get the guaranteed profit in case of Italy winning as well (though a bit smaller with the second bet amount) and in case of any other outcome (even if not big).

When is it profitable to buy out bets?

And yet there are situations when the option to buy out bets is quite applicable in practice. Let's consider the most typical ones.

Firstly, it can be used when a player has staked a large sum on a "long-play" bet (for example, on the winner of the English Premier League a few months before the end of the season), and the funds are frozen for a long time.

Another situation, however, very rare, can be exceeding the redemption amount offered by other bookmakers' betting odds. In this case, the amount redeemed is reasonable to use to bet on the same event, but at another bookmaker.

Finally, an even rarer situation can be when a bettor, having placed a "express" bet for a small amount but with high odds, can see as an offered buyback a figure tens or even hundreds of times higher than his bet. Perhaps, in this case, the buyout will be the only right decision.

In general, however, let us emphasize once again, betting buyout should hardly be considered as a profitable long-range gambling strategy.

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