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Live sports betting strategies

Each trader chooses his own strategy for betting in parimatch thailand pre-match and in play mode. There is no universal methodology that would be suitable for everyone and constantly bring winnings. In live mode, each strategy is applicable to specific disciplines and the system that regularly brings victories in soccer, can completely nullify the bankroll when used in hockey or tennis.

The main strategies that will provide bankroll growth and are well proven for predicting different sports in play include:

  • Martingale strategy;
  • flat;
  • overtake;
  • fixed profit.

Strategies for betting on soccer in play

Soccer is the most popular betting discipline, so every bookmaker pleases bettors with wide rosters and great odds on soccer, including in-play.

The essence of the strategy is to increase bets on each step, which allows you to win, not only to return the money invested, but also to get a plus. For soccer, the ladder is not as effective in the pre-match as it is in the live mode, where the odds start to rise in the first minutes of the match. The main thing before going into the live game is to carefully study the stats of both teams, the form and results of recent matches, which will allow you to stand the whole staircase and rise well.

In-play betting on tennis

Every professional bettor knows that in tennis, such a phenomenon as a break, that is the taking of someone else's serve in a game, is important and it is the one that is ideal for betting in play.

Odds on breaks are always high, and applying a strategy of catch-up will help you win on six-step bets.

Profits are not the highest here, but this win-win strategy for betting on sports in play minimizes the risks of losing. It is better to enter the match from the second or third game, when the confrontation between the players is quite serious. Adding $100 to the bet of each step of the lineup, bettor in six steps will cover all costs and get a profit of $100.

Live betting strategies for hockey

Strategies for live betting on hockey competitions are endless. Some bettors prefer to bet on rounds without a draw. Despite the low quotes, you can win quite a lot by plugging in a two or three-step catch-up strategy. Depending on the application of the add-on, the methodology will be carried out differently:

Using three-step catch-up, play until the winning bet or until the last play, which will require an impressive bankroll size;

If you make the two-step up, you need to find an event in which the first period ended in a draw and enter the match from the second time interval.

This strategy is not a win-win, but statistically does not bring a win only 1 out of 11 games. The only difficulty is finding the right tournaments.

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