Make better power measurements with the 10-bit S-Series Oscilloscope and probes

Why consider switching to Keysight?

Make Better Noise and Ripple Measurements on your DC power supplies

Power rail voltages and tolerances are getting smaller. You need to measure those voltages and make sure they are within the tolerance band you have been given in order to ensure that your product will work as intended. If you are using an oscilloscope and probe other than Keysight’s you could be missing some of the details due to system noise.

Keysight Technologies Supercharge Your New Oscilloscope to an MSO for FREE!

Buy MSO product with the price of DSO

Why buy an mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO)?

Many of today’s designs require debussing with both analog and digital content. Keysight’s mixed signal osciloscope (MSO) integrates 4 traditional analog channels with 16 digital channels, providing up to 20 channels of time-correlated signals.

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