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Power Supplies and Electronic Loads

Affordable basic and performance supplies

These DC supplies are the right choice for manual and automated testing applications that require essential capabilities coupled with solid performance and built-in measurement functions. Depend on precise voltage and current programming - with low ripple and noise - from our family of low-power supplies.

  • Save rack space with low-power outputs in a compact form factor
  • Create simpler system designs with multiple outputs in a single unit
  • Simplify cabling with built-in measurements
  • Streamline tasks with front panel control and advanced programmable features
  • Ensure DUT safety with protection features

  • E36102A DC Power Supply, 6V, 5A, 30W

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    E36103A DC power supply, 20V, 2A, 40W

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    E36105A DC power supply, 60V, 0.6A, 36W

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    E36106A DC power supply, 100V, 0.4A, 40W

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    E3620A 50W Dual Output Power Supply, Two 25V, 1A

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    E3631A 80W Triple Output Power Supply, 6V, 5A & ±25V, 1A

    MYR 6,509.00

    E3632A 120W Power Supply, 15V, 7A or 30V, 4A

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    E3633A 200W Power Supply, 8V, 20A or 20V, 10A

    MYR 6,878.00

    U8001A DC Power Supply, 30V, 3A

    MYR 1,990.00

    U8002A DC Power Supply, 30V, 5A

    MYR 2,496.00

    U8031A Triple Output DC Power Supply, 30V/6A (2x) & 5V/3A; 375W

    MYR 6,528.00

    U8032A Triple Output DC Power Supply, 60V/3A (2x) & 5V/3A; 375W

    MYR 6,528.00

    B2911A Precision Source/Measure Unit, 1 ch, 10 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A Pulse

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    N6756A High-Performance Autoranging DC Power Module, 60V, 17A, 500W

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    N6763A Precision DC Power Module, 20V, 50A, 300W

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